Leveljump Healthcare Corp.

We are focused on revenue, growth and new opportunities within healthcare. Providing much needed services in the communities we service.

To expand our operations and return shareholder value.

Our Company is focused on one of the core pillars of healthcare, diagnostic imaging.

So much of patient care begins with some type of diagnostic imaging, including emergency room visits, family doctor care and follow ups with surgeons and specialists.

MRI, CT, PET, Ultrasound, Mammography, X-ray, and other imaging tests, provide a view for doctors to diagnose, monitor and treat ailments in an effective and efficient manner. One could say diagnostic imaging is the gateway to better healthcare and better outcomes.

We endeavor to provide the best in radiology reading and imaging services.

Through our subsidiary CTS, we have been providing teleradiology services for hospital emergency rooms for over 16 years. We will continue to expand our existing services, while also exploring new innovations and technologies within our industry to better serve patients and doctors.

We care about your inner image!

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Mitch Geisler, CEO